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Our Mission

The mission of the Equality Alliance (TEA) is to merge queer culture and philanthropy through our parties with a purpose, generating financial support and visibility for grassroots LGBTQIA+ charities fighting for equality in Central Texas. 

Our Beneficiaries

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Our Vision

The Equality Alliance envisions a world where labels are dropped and people are

seen as complex, individual human beings.


It is not “gay” marriage – it is marriage.

She is not a “lesbian” mother – she is a mother.. He is not a "homosexual” soldier –

he is a soldier. She is not a “transgender “judge – she is a judge.


Equality encompasses a lot of things - including the protections against

discrimination and the right to feel safe being your true self at home, at work and in

the communities around you.

L G B T Q. It is our community. It is a part of who we proudly are. But we are way

more than just the sum of some letters – unless those letters are H U M A N. 


It's as simple as that.

Our Board

Our Staff

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