Our Mission

The mission of the Equality Alliance (TEA) is to merge queer culture and activism through bold, original, and inclusive programming while generating financial support and visibility for grassroots LGBTQIA+ charities fighting for equity, justice, and human rights in Central Texas. 

Our Beneficiaries


Our Vision

The Equality Alliance envisions a world where labels are dropped and people are

seen as complex, individual human beings.


It is not “gay” marriage – it is marriage.

She is not a “lesbian” mother – she is a mother.. He is not a "homosexual” soldier –

he is a soldier. She is not a “transgender “judge – she is a judge.


Equality encompasses a lot of things - including the protections against

discrimination and the right to feel safe being your true self at home, at work and in

the communities around you.

L G B T Q. It is our community. It is a part of who we proudly are. But we are way

more than just the sum of some letters – unless those letters are H U M A N. 


It's as simple as that.